I remember, I got my first camera from my uncle for my 18. birthday. Since then more than 30 years have passed. Many cameras went through my hands during these years, 35mm film and medium format, and later digital cameras. Canon, Mamiya, Nikon, Sony, you name it. I must have taken ten thousands of photos in these three decades. The first ones I developed myself in my parent's bathroom, black & white was my favourite at the time - also because that was all I could afford as a student. I learned from books and later I studied the works of other photographers in the internet. Jean Loup Sieff, Ansel Adams and Edward Weston were amongst the artists I admired the most.


Photography was a steady companion in my life, and perhaps my best friend in my life's journey. Although I am not a professional photographer, I am still passionate about photography today and I have finally decided to create this webpage to show and share some of my photos.


Since about 2 years I am living in Calgary, Alberta, but before that I called Toronto my hometown, and even further back I spent years in South Africa and Germany. I enjoy the interaction with people and currently I am looking to improve my skills in portrait photography. If you are interested to model for me then send me a message.